Tourism and Hospitality Management

The duration of this program is five years.

During the first year of the program, students focus on becoming more fluent in the English language.

In the following year students transition to learning more general information on topics such as tourism industry, hotel management, and travel agency operating. Clubs are provided for sudents and academic staff to continually improve their English proficiency.

The students will begin working with information technology during the third year of the program.The first program, Amadeus, is often used by travel agencies; where the second program, Fidello, is often used by hotels. The students will also decide whether to study French or Russian during the third year of the program. They will practice the language by speaking to foreign students and academic staff.

The fourth year students learn how to cook several different dishes. For the first semester students partake in a hands-on learning experience where students cook traditional Turkish dishes taught by professional cooks in a kitchen supplied with high quality equipment. During the second semester students branch out their cooking skills to include Italian, French, and Russian cuisines.

During the last year of the program, students focus on their final project as well as pursuing their goals for life after college. The academic staff counsel students and help students achieve thier goals by arranging job interviews or directing them to a graduate degree. At the end of the program students have the possibility to get an international known certificate by taking the necessary exams. 

kratos otel